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Kathas (Mantras) Learning

(T&S) = Katha text & sound file available
(S)  = sound file available   

1) Rich Katha  (S)
Original wealth & fortune Katha by LP Parn, Wat BangNomkho. 

2) Enhanced Rich Katha (S)
Enhanced Rich Katha or Billionaire Katha by LP LueSie Lingdam for much more wealth and fortune.

3) Kropetch Katha  (S)
Kropetch Katha = Diamond armored Katha
for all protections and all evils will be returned to the do-ers or senders. 

4) 5-Buddha Katha  (S)
For all protection, Metta, happiness. life progress. For ousting all ghosts and spirits.

5) Wearing Amulets Katha  (S)
Before wearing amulets to your neck you should chant the Katha in
viting Lord Buddha and LuangPhors to be with you and protect you all the time.   

6) Namo Katha (T&S)
The paying respect Katha to Lord Buddha.This should be chanted before chanting any other Kathas.

7) Itipiso Katha  (T&S)
Salute to Tri Gems - Buddha, Dhamma, Sangkha. This is the important fundamen- tal Katha for all Kathas to stand on.  

8) Itipiso Backward Katha (T&S)
For protection, making all bad things reverse to good things. 

) DhornBaiSema Katha (T&S)
For removing all black magics, evils, and troubles.

10) LP Doem Meedmoh Katha (T&S)
For LP Doem and LP Doem's lineage MeedMoh: LP Kant Wat KaoKaew, LP On Wat KokDua, LP Oii Wat NongBua, LP Od Wat Chansen..etc.  

11) LP Doem Protection Katha  (T&S)
For protection -- free from all harms

12) LP Waen Katha (T&S)
For all LP Waen amulets

13) ChaoKhun Nor Katha (T&S)
For all ChaoKhun Nor amulets

14) LP Thuad Katha (T&S)
For all LP Thuad amulets

15) KhunPaen Katha (T&S)
For all KhunPaens

16) Gumanthong Katha (T&S)
For all Gumanthongs

17) Pidta Katha (T&S)
For all Pidtas

18) LP Koon Katha  (T&S)
For all LP Koon amulets

19) LP Parn Katha   (T&S)
For all LP Parn and LueSie Lingdam amulets

20) LP Daeng Katha  (T&S)
For all LP Daeng amulets

21) Wat Rakang Katha  (T&S)
For all Wat Rakang Somdejs

22) Sangajayana Katha  (T&S)
For all Sangajayanas (belly-pot Arahant)

23) Nangkwak Katha  (T&S)
For all Nangkwaks

24) LP Ngern Invincibility Katha (S)
For all LP Ngern Wat Bangklaan amulets on invincibility

25) LP Ngern Wealth & Fortune Katha (S)
For all LP Ngern Wat Bangklaan amulets on wealth & fortune

26) LP Pern Tiger-skin Takrut Katha (T&S)
For LP Pern tiger-skin Takrut only

27) Kring Katha  (T&S)
For all Phra Krings

28) Sivali Katha  (T&S)
For LP Kuay Sivali and all Sivalis.

29) Wat Paknam Katha  (T&S) 
For all Wat Paknam amulets

More Kathas
will be added up
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