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"Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa 
Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa 
Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa 

" May I pay my full respect to Lord Buddha. This writing aims for world people who search for something efficacious to protect themself from the bad. I kneel down to beg the Lord, please bless all those good be safe by your unlimited, incomparable mighty power. Om Buddhang Prasitthi, Dhammang Prasitthi, Sangkang Prasitthi. NA MO BUDH DHA YA."   
                                                                                    -The Author-

5buddha.gif (16667 bytes)
5-Buddha Yant
na.gif (1413 bytes) NA
mo.gif (2697 bytes) MO
budh.gif (2185 bytes) BUDH
tha.gif (2226 bytes) DHA
ya.gif (1964 bytes) YA
Phra BuddhaBart rian B.E.2497, created and blessed by Somdej PhraBuddhaCharn (Nuam),
Wat Anongkaram. The backside of the rian is 5-Buddha Yant -- Na Mo Budh Dha Ya.         
<<i came across your website while doing a search for thai characters.  i am trying to find the character(s) for "protection."  i am a musician and would like to have it tattooed on my wrists for protection.  any help would be greatly appreciated.>>
This page was written and posted beca use of the inspiration of the above net reader's question, I kept the original content and just omitted his name. That's good question and useful to any tough guy who wants the most powerful tattoo. Yes, It's Thai character, it's beautiful, it's useful, and it's a symbol of real guy who fear for nothing. The skin is yours, the ache deriving from a tattoo needle piercing into your flesh should be rewarded with real good things - not nonsense pictures.    

The top most picture is MahaYant PhraChao 5 PhraOng or The Great 5-Buddha Yant. It's composed of five-tiered Khom letters Na Mo Budh Dha Ya. The MahaYant is widely used by old-time monk masters to create most powerful protective amulets. The great masters who always used 5-Buddha Yant for his amulet creation is LuangPhor Doem, Wat NongPho, Nakonsawan, LuangPhors Chong, Wat Natangnok, Ayuthaya, Somdej PhraBuddhaCharn (Nuam), Wat Anongkaram, BKK. 

Who are those 5 Buddhas ?

They are Gakusandho Buddha, Gonakamano Buddha, Gassapo Buddha, Sakayamuni Kotama Buddha(the present-epoch Buddha), and Sri Ariyametrai Buddha (the next future Buddha). The short names of the 5 Buddhas are NA MO BUDH DHA YA. The cores of many Thai Khathas are 5 Buddhas.

How to write the MahaYant?

Starting with the inner most " NA", recite "NaKaRo Hoti SampaWo" while writing the letter until it's finished.

Writing "MO", chant MoKaRo Hoti SampaWo.

Writing "BUDH", chant BudhKaRo Hoti SampaWo.

Writing " DHA", chant DhaKaRo Hoti SampaWo.

Writing "YA". chant YaKaro Hoti SampaWo.   

How to use 5-Buddha Yant and Katha  ?

It's on your wishes. You can write 5-Buddha Yant on a plain paper and post it on the front door to protect fire, evils, vicious spirits or ghosts, etc, or you can tattoo on your upper body for invincibility purpose. It can be tattooed on the chest, the back, the neck, upper arms or wrists, for safty from all dangers and impenetrability by formidable weapons - knife or gun; but be careful - don't let the MahaYant touch with the improper thing such as lady's sexual organ or lady's napkin, etc.

Before writing the Yant, it's a must to pay respect to Lord Buddha and directly beg to HIM to write the Yant ( just chant 3 times ....Na Mo Tassa Bhakavatoh Arahatoh Samma SamBudh Dhassa, and then beg in your own language). This is very important because Na Mo Budh Dha Ya  are the names of 5 Buddhas.

-Buddha short name if written we call Yant PhraChao 5 PhraOng (5-Buddha Yant), but if chanted we call Katha PhraChao 5 PhraOng (5-Buddha Katha).

If you chant NA MO BUDH DHA YA, YA DHA BUDH MO NA ( forward and backward) with great Samadhi(Meditation) every day, the Yant and Khatha will be embedded in your body, then your flesh will resist bullets!! The gun will be misfired (the bullet will not come out), or the barrel of the gun will burst as soon as it's triggered !! This is the first-class Maha Ut (Maha = great, Ut = impenetrability).

The next life of a human is real, this is the truth always be reminded by many near-death-experience people in the United States, Europe and Asia. Most Thai people are Buddhist, they believe in next life and also believe that one who is going to die but recalling the name of Buddha will not go to abysmal hell after death. That's right because a Buddhist Dhamma principle is that the last good quality of mind before death by recalling or clinging to all good things will push the spirit of the dead one go to a higher good place.   


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