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Enhanced Rich Katha 
(Billionaire Katha)
  Phra RatchaPhromyarn (Luesie Lingdam)  
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Teaching Compilation of Phra RatchaPhromyarn
Special Publication, Edition 7, Wat Thasung. B.E.2538
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Billionaire Katha
(Enhanced version of the Rich Katha)   
History of The Enhanced Rich Katha
The core stanzas of the original great Rich Katha was extended by Phra RajPhromYan ( LP LueSie Lingdam), the greatest & closest disciple of LP Parn of Wat BangNomKho and the former Abbot of Wat Thasung.

LP LueSie Lingdam was assigned by Lord Buddha in meditation to help build the nearly deserted Wat Thasung, Chainart Province. It was a real great task and needed a hugh fund, so he at first denied the assignment. After a preaching and a promise by Lord Buddha in meditation, he later accepted the assignment. 

Lord Buddha's promise is His teaching on the extension of the Rich Katha to accelerate and draw donation to the temple.

Even LP LueSie Lingdam had practiced ultra Dhamma, he still meditatively chanted the Extended or Enhanced Katha with great results. The money flowed from every directions to the temple more than enough for construction projects. Meanwhile LP LueSie Lingdam had been teaching this great Katha to his disciples and people, many and many of them became richer and richer and able to donate a large sum of money to the temple for construction.

The great Enhanced Rich Katha is so efficacious and results hugely to anyone who chants it. But how successful it is depending on the concentration of mind-- the more concentration, the more result. One important thing that should never forget is that when you practice this Katha, it's a must to make a daily offer food to monks or donate money for monks' food ( by collecting a little sum of money daily and donate for monks' food when the money grows up to a moderate amount).   

LP LueSie Lingdam had been ordained by LP Parn in B.E. 2480 and later became the Abbot of Wat BangNomKho during B.E. 2492-2500.  After that he had made a Dhamma journey to Northern provinces and later settled at the nearly deserted Wat Thasung in B.E.2511. The great LP LueSie Lingdam later became the Abbot of Wat Thasung and led people to help construct the temple successfully. The temple has now a religious property asset value of nearly 1 billion Baht. LP Luesi Lingdam passed away in B.E. 2435 at the age of 75.  

LP LueSie Lingdam raised up a flowingly hugh fund for construction with this great Enhanced Rich Katha. He later received a special grant from Lord Buddha in meditation to teach this great Katha to his disciples and general people for much more Wealth & Fortune and able to donate for construction fund.      

a) Practice the original Rich Katha first. After you could chant it fluently you can shift to chant the Enhanced Katha more easier. 

b) Chant the Katha in the morning and in the evening, 9 times per session. Apart from that, you may chant the Katha in your mind while working or when you have spare time -- this will make you going to higher soul and mind of Jhana state. The more Jhana state you are, the more result you will receive from the Kathas of both Rich Katha and Enhanced Rich Katha.          

c) Some restrictions or prohibitions for practicers are the same as in the original Rich Katha.

Enhanced Rich Katha Text:
Phromma Ja Maha Deva Sappae Yakka Parayanti
Phromma Ja Maha Deva Aphilapha Phawantumae
Maha Punyo Mahalapho Phawantumae
Mitae Phahuhati

Buddha Ma Aa U  
Na Mo Budh Dha Ya 
Wira Dhayo Wira Konayang Wira Hingsa Wira Dhasi Wira Dhasa Wira Ittiyo Buddhassa Manee Mama Buddhassa Swahom

Peng Peng  Pha Pha   Ha Ha   Lue Lue 

Rich Katha
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